Motala 6000LS 
Motala 6000LS
A small footprint lift for all buildings
In many multi-level residential buildings, people can reach their apartments only by taking the stairs, which is clearly inconvenient and reduces mobility for elderly people.
To address these issues, the Motala
6000 elevator is especially designed to fit in the existing stairwell of a residential building.
The Motala 6000LS lift is ideal for applications in existing buildings where shaft space is at a premium, thanks to:
•   Small footprint: a bigger car can be installed in the available space
•   Small headroom and pit
    dimensions where allowed
•   Small controller cupboard
•   Space-efficient doors
•   Through-type or normal car

The Motala 6000LS is a certified lift according to European lift directive 95/16/EC.

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