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Motala 2000 - Standing out from the crowd

The Motala 2000 lift has an excellent reputation in this competitive market segment thanks to its unique combination of features and benefits. The lift´s size and functionality fully complies with all legal requirements and standards for disabled access:
•  Quiet and aesthetically pleasing
  Ingenious, dependable technology
  Uncomplicated installation
  Low power consumption - uses 75% less power than most competitive products
  Smallest footprint for 1100 x 1400 mm platform
  One of the very few units on the market that can be glazed on all sides
  Proven to be totally safe during operation
•  No machine-room

Easy and comfortable to use
Thanks to large (hold to run) push-buttons, the Motala 2000 is easy to use. Furthermore, the use of glass walls helps claustrophobic passengers feel comfortable during the journey.  

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