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Motala 2000
Providing access – for people who need it the most
In numerous public and private buildings, many people find it difficult to use the stairs or conventional lifts. These include people with reduced mobility, wheelchair users, the visually impaired, people on crutches, the elderly, and parents with babies or young children.

In addition, modern-day legal regulations necessitate that public buildings offer equal access for disabled people.
Yet in many of these buildings a full-size lift is not practical.

The building may only be 2 or 3 floors high, for example; and the cost of a conventional lift may be difficult to justify. In many cases only half-floor access is required. Or there may be insufficient space to install a lift with a shaft and machine-room.

Swedish company Motala Hissar AB has developed its Motala 2000 lift specifically to meet these requirements

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