Motala 2000 Specifications Doors Shaft Platform Lighting Control Panels Options
Lifting height:   Max 15.0
Speed:                      0.15 m/s
Landings: 2 to 6
Rated load: 500 kg or 6 persons
Headroom: 2230 mm above top finished floor
Supply voltage: 3-phase 400-415 – 10 A; or single-phase 230-240 V – 10 A(optional)
Drive system:  Guided chain system with lifecycle greased gear, and 0.55 kW asynchronous motor. Including safety gear with integrated self-supervised overspeed governor.
Elevator shaft:  Includes self-supporting enclosure.
No conventional elevator shaft required.
Shaft height on top floor is 2200 mm, or 1300 mm with half-door. Lift shaft can be glazed on all four sides (optional).
Pit:  60 mm depth. Alternatively a ramp.
Platform:    L-shaped platform with safety edge.
Control system:  PLC system
Emergency operation   Lift equipped with manual emergency operation to lower the platform to the nearest landing.
Alarm:  Emergency buzzer, with continuous charged battery, and potential-free relay for alarm transmission. Optionally an emergency telephone  link to a 24- our manned service center
Certification:   According to Directive MD 98/37/EC
of European Union.

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