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The key to its reliability – the Guided Chain
At the heart of the Motala 2000 is the patented Guided Chain drive system

It’s safe. As the chain is confined to a track along its whole length, it can never derail. Even if the chain should break, the drive system will still bring the platform to a totally safe position. (Actually, to date, a Guided Chain
has never broken!)

It’s doubly safe. In normal operation, the Guided Chain pulls the car, but in the unlikely event of the chain breaking, the car will be parked standing on the chain, and thus in a completely safe position.

It’s reliable, due to the robust construction of the Guided Chain, which will last for at least 25 years with the minimum of maintenance.

It’s economical in use, thanks to its low power consumption, low fuse requirements, and low maintenance needs.

It’s environment-friendly. During installation the gearing mechanism is lifetime-greased. This means no messy oil leaks, no need to change the oil, and therefore no waste oil to dispose of.

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